Mac: Audio Mixing - Mic + Playlist


Can anyone help me… On a Mac. New to ManyCam so in the early days of coming to grips with it.

I am trying to mix the audio from the mic built into my camera ‘camera1’ with the output from the ManyCam ‘audio playlist’ and feed these two audio inputs, at the same time, to be the input for the ‘microphone’ in skype, i.e. Skype participants hear what ever is captured by the micro with background music.

I have the ManyCam ‘virtual microphone’ selected in Skype… but I don’t get any sound on this at all. If I pick ‘camera1’ as the microphone input I hear what the microphone captures… but with ‘virtual microphone’ I hear nothing.

I have the mic from ‘camera1’ selected as the ManyCam audio source.

FWIW I’d be happy if I could switch the audio going to Skype via the ManyCam ‘virtual microphone’ between the the mic in ‘camera1’ and the audio from ‘audio playlist’

I’ve searched generally and in this forum and can’t seem to find anything on this topic…

Any help appreciated…

Hey @Antony_Upward

Please first try our Audio troubleshooting:

If none of the recommendations helped, please post the following:

  1. A screenshot of the Audio tab in ManyCam
    (for reference:
  2. A screenshot of the Audio settings on the website/ in the app you are streaming from
  3. ManyCam’s version (ManyCam Preferences/Settings -> General -> About ManyCam)
  4. Turn on “Audio Monitoring” in the ManyCam’s Audio tab and let us know if you hear the sound from your Mic.