Lost Presets in Preview Area?

Has anyone lost presets? I have a solid white box where it should be but I cannot access the view. I also cannot figure out how to make it reappear in the view window.

Please help.

**I see there is/was an update on 12/9/2020, so I will try that.

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Hey @Christina_Schuttler

Did updating ManyCam help? If not, please post some screenshots to illustrate what’s going on.

I had to recreate the preset with the update. This is the second or third time this has happened so when it does again, I’ll get a picture.

It is almost as if it is moved from the preview field (at the bottom) since it shows in the build area (at the right) but I have no idea how it disappears or how to get it back.

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Lost a preset again. I was clicking from one view to another and it disappeared from the bottom field. When it does this, I cannot access it with the hotkeys but have to open it from the side bar.

I tried logging out and back in which resulted in me losing all of my presets (thank goodness I exported them) but slot 4 is still blank.