Lost Effects Folders During Reistall

I had a driver issue when Windows updated. I uninstalled and reinstalled ManyCam. However, I came back to a new looking ManyCam. My presets were gone as well as of my downloaded images/effects folders. Is there a way to get the folders back and not spend hours on end sorting through the images again?

Hey @Paige_Young,

Welcome to the community! We’ll need a few ManyCam files from you to investigate this. Here’s how to retrieve them:

  1. Close ManyCam by pressing CTRL + Q,
  2. Press Win + R, copy-paste %appdata% and hit Enter. Navigate to the ManyCam folder,
  3. Find the “state_storage” and “settings” files, and send them by email to our support team at support@manycam.com

Please don’t post the files on the forum - they contain personal data.