Logi 4K Pro camera timing out

Upgraded to Mac today and now ManyCam times out when trying to connect to my Logi 4K Pro camera. Tested the camera on Zoom and it works great. The light on the camera indicates it is working, but ManyCam says “Timeout” on the screen and no video appears.
Have tried restarting the ManyCam app and the computer.
Other usb webcam and the internal camera are working in ManyCam.

Hey @ekai

Our engineers are looking into the problem.

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I’m having the same issue. Holding off on purchasing a plan until this is resolved.

I’m having the same issue. I don’t want to upgrade if this isn’t resolved.

Any update on the Logi 4K Pro camera time out issue? I am using a Macbook Pro running macOS 10.15.6. The camera is connected via a USB-C connection. The camera works fine in Zoom, Teams, FaceTime, OBS and other applications. Your assistance would be appreciated.

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How about an update on this?

Please try out latest beta: https://manycam.com/beta/

I tried the latest beta and that has solved the issue for me thank you.