Load playlist on Mac

Hi all.
I’m using ManyCam v Enterprise edition on a 2019 MacBook Pro i9.
I have organised a playlist (lyrics to a song) and then saved it to a folder.
When I go to load the playlist from the folder, there is no file there to be loaded.
Is there a default folder that Playlists are saved? Or does this function not work on a Mac.
TIA for any help.

PS, also, as many have done, a request for an Auto-Play option (from the start of a playlist) would be great so when I call on a Preset, it starts playing the playlist from the start.


I’ve notice the same and send an email to the support team.

I am experiencing the same issue with the Studio Lifetime edition on both my iMac and Macbook Pro. I tried saving a playlist to the Desktop on both machines, but it appears that no playlist file was created on either.

Hey @Lifehouse_Music

We have confirmed the issue and are currently investigating it.

Try Musconv for music transfer. it will take less time to load