Live Video backgrounds

I downloaded live video backgrounds as .mcv files but don’t know how to import to ManyCam (using mac version - 7.3.1). Whenever I drag to manycam app, it shows + sign but doesn’t show anywhere in my effects folder. Can someone show me how to do this?

Hey @bro-p

These effects are no longer supported. To replace your background, please use this feature:

Not sure that Mikhail answered your specific question…

For movie backgrounds where I want to have a camera feed in the foreground a workaround is to use a media file as one layer, and then add your camera feed layer on top, selecting “transparent background”.

On still images, “custom backgrounds” appears only to allow use of still images, not video, and they don’t get added to the ManyCam library but are saved as background in the camera feed. Easiest way to maintain a library is to set up dedicated folder on your Mac for image files and once you’ve selected one for ManyCam it should default back to that folder.

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