Live Stream Cutting Off During Worship Service

We are using ManyCam to live stream our worship services to Facebook Live and recently we have been having problems.

During our service which lasts abut 45 minutes the Facebook Live stream stops sometimes twice, but when we do Facebook Live directly from Facebook and we don’t use ManyCam we have no problems, the live video runs uninterrupted.

I noticed one of the Facebook live stream settings includes a switch which allows the live video to continue if the stream stops which is an option i do not see in ManyCam.

Personally I suspect we are competing for ISP bandwidth with other churches who are streaming on Sunday morning, but I believe Facebook Live may be more forgiving if the stream is temporarily interrupted.

We really like the ManyCam system because it allows us to use multiple cameras, and is wonderful to use, but our live presentation can’t continue to be interrupted.

Also, we really haven’t changed any video settings in Many Cam since installation, they are at the defaults

Any thoughts ?


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Hey @Bill_Balla

It would be great if you could send ManyCam logs to

How to collect them: