List o hotkeys? Request for more hotkeys to be added

Where can I get a list of hotkeys?
Not the settings page where one needs to scroll to interactively view them, but a list of all options and the keys.

Hello Guthrie
Did you find/receive a lift of hot keys. I’m interested in knowing that too.

Thank you

Under settings, the last option is a list of hotkeys. But note, that the shift-view keys are wrong - alt-1, etc. do not go to the correct view. I reported it, and they responded yes, they know it is a bug.

The list of hotkeys is pretty limited. I’d like to define my own or better still, allow MIDI input for given switching etc. I’ve requested this in the past with no reply.

Hi I would like to have a hotkey to toggle between making my webcam fullscreen and minimizing the webcam image while recording my screen. How do I do it?

@ Ramgopal_Pulgurti

I agree, more hotkeys would be nice. I’d like a hotkey to enable disable lower thirds as well. It would be nice if a user could define hotkeys for additional functions or for me better still if I could do it with MIDI messages.


Yes - with tools like Elgato Streamdeck, hotkeys are of increasing value and important.