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Lifetime and new major version

If I buy lifetime licenses rater than subscription - am I guaranteed to be allowed to upgrade to new versions (like when 6 became 7)?

Hey @Joakim_Jardenberg,

Please see ManyCam Devices & Video sources – ManyCam Help and Support

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They changed it on us. It was “ALL FUTURE VERSIONS”, not it’s just ManyCam 7. No mention that they were acquired by a new company and that new company decided to not honor Lifetime.

Yeah, I’m looking for an alternative!

So can we just stick with 7 and keep our lifetime subscription?
Also, it says they’ll give us 2 years of free studio and I only get the option of getting 1 year free.

Hey @Kenneth_Barnes

Please reach out to Support via this form, they will sort this out for you.
As for the lifetime access to paid features of ManyCam 7, you will certainly continue to receive it.