Lenovo WebCam Producing Fyling Black Specs In Video

I just bought a new Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 9i with i7 1165G, 16GB RAM and built in webcam.
The webcam works with no problem directly in Zoom. MS Teams, Skype, OBS but the the minute I use it a source in MC 8.2 the whole video image is filled with flying back dots and specs that fly across the screen… When I click webcam properties it stops. Of tried 60hz and 50hz anti-flicker and neither works.
The same thing happens when I use external 4K Webcam. With Zoom, Teams, OBS there’s no black specs but with ManyCam it comes back. So, I know for sure it’s not either webcam. There seems to be some conflict between MC and some driver or setting. In the last 2 days, I’ve put a clean install of Win 11 Pro on this laptop, performed all updates, then installed ManyCam 8.2 without any other software on the PC except Zoom. Nothing fixes it, yet when I use the webcam directly in zoom no problem. This is a huge mystery and very frustrating. I don’t want to return this laptop but might have to. Any Insights or suggestions appreciated. Thanks