Layers arrangement messed up after manycam crashing

last weekend, i had a big event livestreamed. i had a playlist template save for the programme. in this, I had a frame with multiple layers.

after a while, my video feed from my capture card kept freezing up, plugging in and out the hdmi didn’t work, first it was using elgato, switched to avermedia same thing happened multiple times, finally we switched to blackmagic and the video feed was stable.

anyway, whenever the video froze, i had to close and relaunch manycam, but sometimes even that didn’t work so had to reboot my laptop.

when i open manycam again, the layers were screwed up. i had a 21:9 video playing which resulted in black borders top and bottom, which did not match my theme.

so i added a fullscreen solid white layer and sent layer to back. problem is after rebooting/restarting manycam, the white layer was nowhere to be seen, a video cued later in the playlist is playing fullscreen, and the event backdrop (1st image in the playlist) was displayed over this video. i could not stop the video layer from playing even though it was not supposed to be in the current frame, and it happened every single time after the video feed hang > reboot laptop > open manycam.

i ended up deleting the whole preset and create a new playlist from scratch… just in time for the minister’s entrance…

Hey @shouxville

Please try this guide:

If nothing works, send the files listed in the second part of the guide to our support team at