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Latest manycam has a trojan according to McAfee?

after having seen several similar discussions regarding manycam lite, the newest version of manycam seems to have the same issue regarding McAfee Endpoint Protection marking ManyCamBrowserProc.exe as false (?) positive. This is the message I get while the installation:

user ran AN200815_ManyCam\\Files\ManyCamSetup.exe, which attempted to access C:\Program Files (x86)\ManyCam\ManyCamBrowserProc.exe. The Trojan named RDN/Generic.dx was detected and deleted

Is there anything else we can do except asking McAfee to resolve this issue? How did it make it to the full Version of manycam anyway?

@Hilli164 ,

I guess this is false positive as 65 out of 68 antiviruses have no complain, see: VirusTotal

If you have time, please report the file as false positive to McAfee (can’t find a way to do this as a vendor, not the customer).

Anyway, ManyCamBrowserProc.exe is only started when you use “Web source URL”, so you can quarantine/delete it in case you don’t use that source.