Just Suggestions


First, I think ManyCam is the best cost / benefit solution for transmitting exclusively via mobile phones (use 3 on mine). But it can improve a lot! My suggestions are:

  • have simple and advanced interface;

    • preview and program windows
    • a better v.u. meter (horizontally and large with color division (standard green / yellow / red);
    • have information about frame processing time and lost frames as obs has;
  • in the app have the option of manual focus (the ipwebcam app has), because sometimes we have sweet focus on the mobile;

  • proper information of the quality of the stream we sent to each service connected;

Finally, the virtual background is important, but IMHO, these options above are more important.


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Thank you for the feedback, these are some good ideas and some are already on the ever-growing list of features we want to add or improve.