Issues with going live in facebook groups

So I wish I knew this before purchasing the whole year im so glad I didn’t do lifetime.

streamyard and belive allow you to select all groups on facebook while in manycans you have to manage the groups. which makes no sense since manycams is picking up groups Im not even a moderator on. its a freaking pain to have to ask permission for groups to add the app in!! there must be a way around this or else having manycams will be pointless. the group im live in is my life blood.

Hey @Shanita_Miller

  1. Relogin to Facebook both in ManyCam and in the browser.
  2. Then go to Facebook -> Settings -> Apps and delete ManyCam
  3. Then follow the instructions provided in this article:​

Let me know if this helped.

Hi Mikhail

I am having the same issues; I cannot pick my FB group. The link you provided in step 3 gives a 404 error. Can you help please? The FB Group is very important for my business.

Many thanks and have a great day!

I am also having the same issue. The groups list will show me a bunch of groups but none that I own. There is no point in me having this software if this continues and I will be requiring a refund for both of my subscriptions if it is not resolved.


Must have pasted the link incorrectly, try this one

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Hi Mikhail

Thanks for the link. I followed your instructions to @Shanita_Miller and all the steps in the link. However, the same problem remains: I see groups that I am not managing, and the one that I am managing does not appear.
I really don’t know what to do. Can you please help?

Many thanks

Hey @blanca

Please follow this procedure:

  1. Log out from Facebook in ManyCam
  2. Log in to Facebook in your browser and go to Facebook -> Settings -> Apps and delete the ManyCam app
  3. Then follow the instructions provided in this article.
  4. Go back to ManyCam and log into Facebook again. In this step, when re-granting access to your account, make sure to click Choose what you allow and select the groups you need.

This should fix the problem.