Is ManyCam a dead product?

I’ve been a heavy ManyCam user since ManyCam 7. There were bug fixes and improvements being made every few weeks. This user forum was very active and email support for licensed users was very responsive.

There are serious bugs in ManyCam 8 that Support has responded to by saying that they are looking into them but could not estimate when they would be fixed. @Ragnar usually responds to problems raised by forum members by providing instructions on how to capture system dumps and forward them on to Support - but there is no evidence of any solutions being found.

I am aware of no updates to either ManyCam 7 or ManyCam 8 since the company changed ownership last summer. It would be great if someone could give us a factual assessment of where the company is at these days. From my perspective, ManyCam appears to be a dead product - though I hope that isn’t true.

A major update of ManyCam 8 for macOS with new virtual camera is expected soon.
A minor update with bug fixes for all platforms is also expected (sorry, but no update with IP-camera source).

BTW You can track new releases here:

Interesting in that when I check for updates within ManyCam 8 it reports it is up to date, even though it is many revisions behind. Are the updates listed in your reference in beta or are they in production?

Also interesting that nobody is fixing all of the problems with H.264 IP cameras but they are adding support for H.265 IP cameras. I downloaded the latest version of ManyCam and am still experiencing all of the problems and bugs since version 8 was introduced.

A shame that nobody is focusing on fixing these well documented issues.

Updates by the link are in production, not in beta.
Yes, ManyCam reports new version after it receives a lot of installs to be sure it’s stable enough to update everyone.

Please list the issues you want to be fixed (I know you reported IP-Cam).