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iPhone will not connect

For some reason no iPhone will connect with the updated apps. The only ones that will connect are my iPhones with the November 2021 update. Anything after will not. I have tried on Mac and pc with fully updated software and betas. Before I upgraded my subscription it worked.

@lraccajr Please collect logs (win, mac) and send them to

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Have already done this over a month ago. The last reply from Manycam support is on Feb 17 basically saying you’ll fix it when you get to it.

MAC log files sent. I will have to wait until Sunday to get the windows log files from the church we use this at.

I have just send some windows logs from my laptop.

If the updated iphones aren’t connecting on any system we try on. Then it has to be on your end somewhere.

Just a long shot, but could it have something to do with having the Studio Lifetime then upgrading to Premium Lifetime. Because both shows on the Subscription setting.

@lraccajr Please try to relogin on all devices and make sure you allowed push notifications for ManyCam on iPhone.

It did not work until I turned off the subscription and used Free Manycam. Then it would log onto Mac and Windows. May I ask what the problem was for future reference please?