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Iphone drops Manycam

I have a number of Iphones that have no cell service. They are all Iphone SE. They all connect but then the phone drops the signal and goes back to the home screen a little after 10 minutes. It does it with all 6 of the iphones. I have gone through the settings on the phones and I can’t figure why it is doing this.

@xuanc Can you please investigate this.


Let me recap this scenario, the ManyCam app run on a iPhone SE in a Wifi network(no cellular service). Then the device lost the Wifi Signal. After around 10 minutes, the ManyCam app crashed(goes back to the home screen). These happen for all of your 6 iPhone SE devices.

If my description of this scenario is right, could you provide me some information about this case?

  1. What is the version number of ManyCam app? (Is it version 1.6.3?).
  2. Do you login with your account when you run the ManyCam app?
  3. What kind of operation is the ManyCam app performing when the device drops the signal? Does it just view the media source or it broadcast video stream or something else?

Thanks very much for your help.