IP Cameras Syncing and Audio

I have 2 IP cameras H.264, linked in a single preset with picture in picture one of the IP cameras is a second or 2 behind the other, is there a way to sync these?
Audio, both the IP Camera can pass through built in audio with the stream, is it possible to use that audio and how? as it seems the only audio that get picks up is from my iMac Microphone, which is in another room
If these are not possible at the moment, could be added to the feature list as I think this is really useful

IP Cameras:
Foscam C2M - Audio Format: G711,
Reolink E1 Zoom - Audio Format: ACC
ManyCam7 on OSX

Hey @Tempest

Are you receiving the audio feed from your IP cams in ManyCam? If not, navigate to Ip cam settings and try changing the Audio encoder.

there is no audio encoder setting under the IP Camera settings on ManyCam7 on OSX,
Seems ManyCam doesn’t or can’t pass through ACC audio as that will not come through from 1 IP Camera, the Reolink one I listed above.
The Foscam does but the audio is low faint, it might as well be turned off.
The Reolink camera doesn’t get a “Preset Audio” on the sidebar, whereas the Foscam does.