IP Camera access

Is the free version able to access an IP Camera? I’m having trouble in Manycam, but can open a webpage to the one I want to access.

I have a feeble (Windows 10) tablet that struggles to run anything other than manycam and I would like to use it as just an IP Camera with a Mobile App camera …but from a much chunkier Windows PC. I can get the chunkier PC to connect to the Mobile App with no problem but the IP Camera just shows dots on a fuzzy blank screen. Any suggestions very much appreciated (plus I want to buy the program but need to get it working first). The IP Cam software on the feeble tablet is called ContaCam 7.5.0

Hey @Paul_Cantillon

Can you illustrate the IP cam URl format that you are using? Also, try enbling the TCP streams in the IP cam settings in ManyCam.