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Introduce "Pause" function for live video

Dear Manycam Team,

thanks for this great tool. I mainly use Manycam in video conferences to customize the webcam live feed (crop picture and replace or blur background).

I am missing a feature to pause the live webcam stream. In video conferences it is often not polite to just deactivate your cam. But while you are not talking or presenting, you might want some privacy and not being watched during the whole time (and, e.g., quickly get up to get a coffee).
Therefore, it would be great if you can just briefly freeze the picture and unfreeze when you are back. This is different to switching to a static picture (e.g. a portarit photo), because you have a current picture (actual clothes, appearance, and background as you have entered the video conference). Adobe Connect offers this feature - unfortunately, many other conferencing tools don’t have this.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Best regards

I just created a “Just a moment … I will be back soon …” preset. See example Be Back Soon. Such a preset could be used to signal a coffee break, or please stand by message during a live streaming event.

Since my first response by creating a Preset outlined above, I did some testing of another option. I am currently using the beta version During testing I discovered that while live streaming, if I right mouse clicked on the live streaming button, I have a pause RTMP stream option. The stream pauses and displays a PAUSE on the main live feed. Afterwards, I was able to resume the stream on Facebook. I do not know if this feature is in the current ManyCam release but it’s working in the Beta version. :blush:

@manycamUser4643 Right-click on a big blue button and click on pause:


Dear @JayBeeOH and @ieo,

thanks for your replies and for making me aware of the pause feature for livestreams. It works and this is exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, it was not very clearly documented up to now (at least you would not find it if you search for “pause” or “freeze” in the documentation.
Here are my suggestions for future versions:

  • a better documentation of the feature
  • some kind of indication that the stream is paused (e.g. a colored frame around the vide preview or a change in color of the live stream button)
  • this should ideally also work in overlay mode (at least on a Mac, nothing happens when I right click on the live stream button in overlay mode)

Best regards,

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