Intermittent over exposure in Webex

I am finding that when using Manycam in MacOS 10.14.6 with a Tandberg Precision HD camera and Webex, the video stream being transmitted into the Webex will intermittently over brighten (ie over expose). This can be for the video camera’s capture of my face or when the source being used is a Picture in Picture pre-created image, or when a pre-recorded video is being played. Also intermittently, the exposure (brightness) level will return to normal (ie a higher quality, better exposed video stream), without a consistent trigger for this to happen. An example of the over exposed image and the better quality version of the same stream from manycam is included with this post. Is it possible to fix this somehow? Is anyone else experiencing this and know of a workaround please?

I also started to experience this recently. Not sure what caused it but it started happening all of a sudden. Where you able to find a fix or workaround @jasonromney? Thanks

Hey guys,

Just saw this post, @ieo is this a known issue?

Additional information:

This issue only occurs with WebEx (Microsoft Teams, etc is fine).

WebEx version
macOS Catalina 10.15.4

I have not found a fix or workaround as yet.

Hi @jasonromney,

It seems a WebEx issue, please contact them.

Adding to this…I noticed this issue only occurs with dark/black backgrounds. When a black background is applied, WebEx attempts to auto-adjust the image therefore overexposing the main image. Unfortunately there isn’t away to adjust this on Mac (option seems available for Windows). When I used a white background or lighter color background, the image is fine. Using a black or dark background makes WebEx think it’s a poorly lit image.

You may try to make the video lighter here: