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Interface is not loading

When I run manycam I’m only getting a transparent square. It loads in the taskbar and using the webcam but cant see anything other than a transparent squre. I’m using old laptop with windows 7
How to resolve the issue please.


Close ManyCam with Ctrl+Q hotkey.
Open %AppData%/ManyCam folder and locate qtbuglist file.
Edit it in notepad and change disable_desktopgl to disable_angle like this:
Save the file (may require unsetting readonly flag in properties) and start ManyCam.
You may also consider upgrading your GPU drivers.

Thanks for the reply Ragnar, but i cannot locate a Manycam folder in appdata folder. There is a manycam folder under program files(x86) but no qtbuglist file in there. could you be able to give me bit advise on how to locate the file
Best regards

@Don Enter %AppData% in explorer bar and hit Enter:


Hi Ragnar,
Thanks for the advice but it didn’t work. I try to upgrade the display adapter also but got the message that it has the best available drivers. Any other option that I can try
Thanks & regards

Try to use ManyCam 7:

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