Ingest help needed

Im trying to Ingest RTMP into Manycam but I dont understand how.
Normally when broadcasting to Youtube, Youttube will provide the RTMP adress and key.
But how does it work in Manycam?
I have read their explanation and still dont understand.
When setting up and addning a RTMP Server in Manycam I need top provide the following:
Name: any name I guees
Some kingd of IP adrees: Deafult is (Any interface) Dropdown with two other options maybe referring to some IPs in my system.
Port: Set to 1935 default.
SecurePassword: A RTMP key is my guess, but where does it come from?

The help page is here, but I just dont understand it:

Can you guide me?


I am trying to ingest Manycam hosted on a large Azure VM with 2 streams generated with an application called PEXIP, which makes interoperability between CISCO (phone and PC devices) and MS equipment.

I managed to make the stream appear in Manycam with something unexpected, when I put the RTMP address like this:
rtmp://{Manycam IP}:{port}/{key}, the stream did not work, but when adding “live” works, then the address was:
rtmp://{Manycam IP}:{port}/live/{key}.

Now the problem I have is a lot of packet lost, will someone know how to fix it?