Incompatible with Firefox HTML5 site

My Windows 10 version updated to 2400.

I got an error message when I attempted to use ManyCam which indicated I needed to do a clean install.

Following the clean install, ManyCam no longer works within Firefox for an HTML5-based videochat site.

When I attempt to chose the camera within the site, there is NO listing for ManyCam. There is a listing for my webcam WITHOUT ManyCam

I even reinstalled ManyCam again for good measure, with the same results.

I can use Edge or Chrome but I would prefer to use Firefox.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Firefox version: 78.02
ManyCam: latest

Hey @jimzzzak

Are you able to select ManyCam Virtual Webcam here

I can select Manycam but it is black. It was all working fine earlier today. Now when I try to open the app it opens and closes.

Hey @Kelli_Hatley

Uninstall ManyCam:

Then install this version of ManyCam:

Let me know if this helped.