Improve Custom Area Desktop Capture

I’m ManyCam Premium Lifetime, on ver (which I believe is the current version for Windows), and have used ManyCam for many years. At least since ManyCam 3.

I use the Custom Area capture feature often. There is a “feature” of Custom Area capture that works against what I want to do. Custom Area wants to “snap” to certain pre-defined “standard” rectangle sizes. I can see where this would be desirable in some cases. However, my experience is different. A lot of times I want to fine tune the capture area, but when it is close to one of the pre-defined “favored” dimensions, I can’t get the exact dimensions I want. So, “Custom Area” isn’t completely custom.

Years ago, I asked if ManyCam would consider making it a user option for Custom Area to jump to standard sizes via a check box somewhere in the Settings section. Leave the box unchecked if you want ManyCam to jump to pre-determined standard dimensions, check the box if you don’t want that behavior and have a truly Custom Area capture. That idea didn’t seem to find favor at ManyCam at the time. I believe the “snap” feature was something that was added in ManyCam 4 (?), taking away the ability for the user to freely select the desired area. Maybe that feature could be restored as an option as suggested?

Alternately, could there be an additional Desktop capture option, perhaps called “Freeform Area” capture, which does let the user capture the area he/she wants without the constraints imposed by Custom Area capture?

It’s annoying not to be able to capture exactly the area desired, especially since it was something we used to have and no longer do.