Importing manycam files to video editors

I have recorded a Video using a Panasonic Digital Camcorder as am .m2ts file from the Camcorder and directly into Manycam via USB
The Manycam file has worked fine as a .MOV file
When Importing the Manycam file to Corel Video Editor, and adding various Text and Effects the final product is fine on the Corel File, but when I render the file and export it, there is definite sync problems with the audio and video.
Not so when I use the Camcorder file and render it to export.
Can you advise how to solve the issue.
Is there is an issue with the Frame Rate and Bit Rate ?
I do use lower thirds in the Many Cam file, could this be the problem on how the Lower thirds are embedded in the file?

Sounds like an issue with how you are exporting your Corel file. Try another export option to see if that helps. Maybe export to .mp4 ?

There is a free program called Handbrake that should be able to transcode your file to something that Manycam can play.

Thanks guys. For my issue both don’t work.
I have gone through all the stages of recording and Video editing from scratch and hopefully the problem is my end.
I have Windows 10 16GB Ram and 1TB SSD drive, so I don’t think its hardware.
Can you guys advise me why I have set the FPS at 30, but the output of the recorded file is 11.96FPS ??

Most likely, dear friend, you are having problems because of the file format that you downloaded back to your computer. The fact is that some video editor change the file format and may slightly distort the sound or the picture itself. It’s a shame, of course, but in such cases, it’s better to just use some kind of online video editor. For example, here is the editor I recently used to add a song to my video.