Import your own gif effects

How can I import my own gif effects into the Effect Gallery?

Hey @Helge_Poschmann,

Currently, you can do this on ManyCam 7 (Windows-only so far). Just drag&drop the GIF file into ManyCam and select Drop as effect. This action will add the GIF into the GIFS gallery folder.

Will there soon be a functionality to adjust the way the GIF appears after it’s imported? At times it is too small, or it should appear in a different spot on the screen.

Hey @chellbell

When you drop the GIF into ManyCam, select “Create new layer”. Thus you’ll be able to resize the layer containing the GIF and the GIF itself.

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Thank you for your response. Yes, I did know about this. But when we create our own effects on your website, we can adjust the PNG to the correct size and position so that when we use it, it always appears in the correct spot, at the desired size. I was hoping for the ability to do something similar for GIFs.

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Can you make a separate post (Suggestion)? I’m sure will find this useful and support it.