Icons Showing in iPhone Camera Image

I’m using my iPhone with ManyCam as a camera via USB to ManyCam on a Mac.

The problem I’m having is that the icons in the iPhone ManyCam app are showing in the cam image. Here’s what it looks like on my Mac’s screen in ManyCam:

How do I turn off the display of these icons?

Hey @TSJim,

You are doing a screen mirroring, which essentially shows everything you have on display. Try connecting ManyCam as a video source using our mobile app https://help.manycam.com/knowledge-base/manycam-mobile/

Hi Mikhail…

You are right. I was selecting the iPhone as a camera, not selecting the Mobile App as the source in the Mac app. I got that working thanks to your help.

However, there is something strange. When I connect the Mac ManyCam app with the Mobile App selection to the iPhone, I’m getting quite a lot of lag. Like 1 or 2 seconds of lag. And this is connected through the USB cable from the iPhone to the Mac.

I had a presentation last night with a worldwide audience, so I had to solve the problem of the lag.

What I ended up doing is using an app on the iPhone called “True Visage” (I have no connection to the app, and it is free) which just pipes the iPhone’s camera view to full-screen on the iPhone’s screen without any icons (well, there are icons at first, but they turn off after a few seconds). So with True Visage, I was able to have a full-screen camera image on the iPhone’s screen with no icons. Then I selected the iPhone from the Mac ManyCam app from the Cameras selection (NOT from the Mobile App selection). As a result, I was able to see the iPhone’s camera image in ManyCam on my Mac, but there was almost no latency and the refresh is pretty much instantaneous.

Why does the ManyCam mobile app connection impart such a large latency delay? Can that be fixed?

I hope this helps someone.


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