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I don't have the audio with ip camera

my config is : windows 10 1909 french, last manycam, streaming = matrox monarch HDX
with VLC the audio is ok , but with manycam i have no sound.

audio input settings of matrox is :
sample rate = 48KHz
audio source = digital
encoder audio codec settings : bit rate = 192 kb/s

could you help me please ?

Hey @michel

Try selecting G.711 as audio encoder on your IP cam settings.

Hi, Is G711 the only audio codec recognised from an IP Camera?

Yes, right now it’s the only codec.

Hi Michael
Did your problem resolve?
I’m using Many Cam (free version) with Motu soundcard.
I’ve noticed that it works (recognizes my microphone) only on sample rate setting of 44.1.
Maybe setting the sample rate to 44.1 will solve your issue.
Or if you have managed to use manycam with sample rate of 48k please let me know how, as I have trouble with this too.

I gave up mycam, I could not have the sound.
i used an hdmi to usb converter for the camera and now i have the sound.

Since Version (04/22/2021) for Win ManyCam supports AAC coded for IP-cameras.