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I can't to reinstalling Manycam - Error 0xc000007b

I had a version of ManyCam installed in my PC, but it was showing to me a message to upgrade to 7.8.3.

I’d tried to upgrade, but it was not working.

So, I’d uninstalled ManyCam and try to installed again, and isn’t working.

When I try to install ManyCam, it shows me that message:

How can I fix it to reinstall ManyCam?

Hey @felipebcardoso

Please try this solution:

There have few methods to solve the error
Step1.Download here and open the installer
Step2.In the UAC window, press Yes
Step3.Click Install and follow the directions given by the installation wizard to install it correctly
Step4.Once the program installs, it will run an automatic system scan, overviewing three areas – system security, stability, and hardware issues. This includes Registry and Windows system files’ check.
step5. The software will provide a report about detected issues. To fix these issues, you will need to purchase and enter the program’s license key.
Here check 0xc000007b all methods and their details steps to follow.