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How to run video in a video on low power pc, stops the video jerking

After the youtube link on the very end of link you type: /vq=small. Which stands for video quality = small. This reduces bandwidth and cpu load while still keeping good quality on HD videos. Now while you type this add on to the link, the program will try to load the video which will interfere with typing, So you may only get one or 2 letters in at a time. When it does this just click on the end of link again and try to keep adding that text on the end until you get it all in there.

Or an easy fix not to have to fight the program trying to get this in there is to paste the link in a text like inside of word program. And add /vq=small on the end of link you want to use, Copy the whole thing and paste that into program screen in youtube URL You don’t need all the bandwidth for a small screen HD, only full screen.

I have a low powered graphics card and all that bandwidth was making the webcam have a delay and pauses in webcam video. And the youtube video audio was out if sync with video as well. This fixed it.

Another way is to take and download youtube HD video you want to use for your project in either 360p or 480p, It’s still the HD wide screen, it just reducing that to a lower bandwidth for your project for the smaller screen. And because you are not steaming it from yourtube while making the video, the cpu and gpu load is reduced even more making the 2 videos for your project run even smoother. less jerks if any and less pauses if any.

If your cpu and gpu gets overloaded with work, something has to give. Always remember that and think of ways to reduce the workload.

A more complicated and complex solution is:

If you have a laptop that does not have a high performance graphics chip, or what’s called an APU. A laptop that was bought to basically surf the internet and run a few program apps. Then it’s not going to be powerful enough to run the program and do what you want it to do. There is a fix for this. You can get a usb graphics card adapter.


There are different ones and you may have to buy a power supply for it to work. You’d have to get one of your computer geek friends to look into this because they make different ones with different adapter cables. The one I linked to gets it’s power from a sata cable. Buying a high end card won;t work because to much power is needed to run it, and there is also the problem with usb only being able to transfer so much data and that’s it. If you do not have usb 3.0 or above (blue color plug), not even worth the effort. Because usb 2.0 does (back or white colored plug) is not fast at all compared to 3.0 and above.