How to resize webcam with a shortcut key?

How do I create One preset that allows me to resize and move a single webcam video stream?
I’m looking for a macro/script/shortcut that allows me to…

  • Full Screen webcam
  • 1/4 screen webcam
  • ½ screen webcam

Dragging the video (during online teaching sessions) is too complicated as I’m managing kids, crazy technical problems, google slides, stickie notes, the online teaching app, mnycam itself, and etc.

Also, I have to do three separate Chroma Keys for the same webcam stream…in that I’m (currently) creating 3 separate presets (full, quarter, half) for the same shot.
As an alternative, a global chroma key setting (that covers all presets) would also work.

I would love to assign a hotkey to a script that resizes my video.
I could write one in javscript/applescript/lua/python/whatever…if I had a api/code hook into manycam…

Can someone help me simplify?

Hey @Graham_Anderson,

It seems that ManyCam does not have that feature. i’ve moved your post to Suggestions.

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