How to get ManyCam to work with MS Teams share screen?

Hello. How can I get a ManyCam scene (talking head against background) to display when I’m sharing the screen in a Microsoft Teams video conference session?
ManyCam does display as a video source…it doesn’t seem to show up as an option to share…like Chrome, Project, some App window, and etc. Is this possible?
Basically, I want to share a full screen (which is ManyCam—example layers for the scene would be the app window (Chrome/PowerPoint/Planner/Office) and my webcam 1/4 sized and chroma keyed)

Thanks Graham @Mikhail

This is easy done, but useless. Chose Manycam vitual webcam and you can stream whatever you want. Unfortunatelly, teams reduces the quality to 360p and this doesnt work for displaying Powerpoint. Nobody can read what you show. I didnt find a solution to this problem yet. Creating a microsoft stream event can help but only if you are granted admin rights in Stream. Looks as if there is no solution! And the problem is Teams.

If you use Discord as service the virtual webcam is displayed in 720p or 1080p!

It’s for work, so sadly, M$ teams it must be. I did figure out a workflow.

  • put PowerPoint in the background of a scene with yourself as green screen talking head over it. Green screen needs to be lit separately.
  • Within teams, choose the full screen broadcast of manycam (you have to press the full screen icon in manycam)
  • use streamdeck to change manycam scenes
    A) myself against videos background
    B) myself (quarter screen) against PowerPoint
    C) myself (quarter screen) against google chrome window

Like obs, I wish I could crop my video layer And hide my video layer when it’s not necessary. I can dream for parity. One day…maybe

This setup looks good enough for corporate work. I’m (currently) in the military industrial complex sector—so (already) its a giant visual leap forward for this audience. Also, I ditched the usb headset (Or Jaybirds Bluetooth) and opted for a lavalier with Rode wireless go. Sound Quality is the so crucial. Good sound improves visuals.

I appologize for my English, second half comes in German, sorry!!
When you click on the little “full screen icon” on the right under the ManyCam main window, a full screen window opens, maximize it and choose it within Microsoft Teams as source window, it works fine for me! Never minimize it, but you can have other windows on top!

Rechts unterhalb des ManyCam-Hauptscreens ist ein Schalter, mit dem man die “Vollbildschirm-Übertragung” so in einem neuen Fenster aktivieren kann,wie es auch gestreamt wird. In Microsoft Teams wählst Du nun dieses “Fenster” als Quelle aus!

Stets auf maximal vergrößern, da sonst die Übertragungsqualität leidet! Andere Fenster dürfen das ManyCam-Vollbildschirm-Übetragungs-Fenster überlagern, aber es darf nicht minimiert werden!