How to Do 1 Cam from 2 Different Presenters on One Presentation?

Hello All.

I am a new user/admin to ManyCams Enterprise, and I am tasked with trying to figure out how everything works for the company.

We purchased the license to test/vet ManyCams before we roll out the software.

I am trying to figure out if ManyCams has a function that we could not get MS Teams to perform.

Does ManyCams support a one webcam feed from two ManyCam users/admins in the same presentation? Here is a/thee scenario…

I am presenting a video meeting from my PC. I have my webcam running, showing myself on video/audio. I am sharing a PowerPoint from my PC. I would like to…“merge” another user/admin (in this case a sign language interpreter) into my presentation, whereas all users invited to that ManyCams presentation can see both myself (and PowerPoint presentation) and the ASL interpreter on video at the same time. Will ManyCams support having two remote user/admin webcams, from two different IPs, on the same presentation?

If so, how is this achievable? What are the click paths?

Thank you.