How to access an app in Manycam

Hi I used to subscribe to Manycam then I let the subscription lapse but I have now resubscribed. I want to use Manycam in my online piano lessons that I give using platforms like Zoom or Forte. When I subscribed before I was able to have two different camera views of me plus a virtual piano keyboard called Classroom Maestro. I was able to add Classroom Maestro by clicking on add a layer-desktop and then either app window or app area(I can’t remember which) and Classroom Maestro was listed under one of these. Now when I click on them it doesn’t show any apps on my MacBook other than Manycam itself, does anyone know how I can rectify this?

Is Classroom Maestro running at the time you wish to add the Desktop / App Window or Area?

Sorry, I did reply but I’ve had a message saying that there was a problem sending the message so I’ll try again. Yes I open Classroom Maestro before I try to find it in App Window or area