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How the Guest feature works?

I’m aware on how to use NDI with Skype to pull a guest feed into ManyCam, however I would like to know more about the Guest feature. For the ManyCam Guest feature to work does the invitee need to be a ManyCam user or just have a ManyCam account? Is there some kind of web/server connection that the guest needs to perform to establish the link? :thinking:


Hey @JayBeeOH ,

At this moment your invitee needs to have a ManyCam account. It may be free as Guests allowed for free users. All platforms are supported, i.e. Windows, macOS, android and iOS.

In order to invite your friend:

  1. Expand Guests panel and click on “+” to add new Contact
  2. If invitee has no ManyCam account, invite him by entering his email and account name:
  3. Your friend will receive an invitation email with links do download ManyCam (or it can be downloaded from the site).
  4. Your invitee must create an account and approve your invitation.
  5. Then you can see him as an approved contact on the left side, you can call him and IM him.
  6. If you want to add your friend video/audio feed to your live feed, during the call drag&drop the video from left panel to the live panel or add him as a “Video Calls” source (new option will appear in add menu).

Thanks for the instructions. This will definitely enhance ManyCam’s appeal.

When I try inviting using email, the “@” sign will not type. It works in other applications.

I’m using ManyCam for Windows version With this version I am having no trouble when I select “Invite User” and key in the user’s email address and name. You may need to report this via

What is your locale (English, German etc)? As a workaround I guess you may copy-past @.

USA English but I can wait until there is a fix. I was just testing the feature.