Hot Keys for Toggling Objects

Teaching ESL, I find myself using many of the same objects––as a way to communicate with students.
If I could assign hotkeys to toggle specific objects—that would be a vast improvement for me!
That way, I don’t have to look at ManyCam to enable an object…which is like juggling 6 plates with one hand.



I would also like to see hotkeys for effects. Thank you for the suggestion.

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Hey @Graham_Anderson

This is actually a pretty cool idea and I would like to see how we could integrate this functionality in the future, thank you for the feedback!

Soon I think I will put up a public Trello board or something so people can see what kind of features have been suggested by the community so we can collect everything in one place.


Hello @Chris_MC any progress on this hot key suggestion?
Would be super helpful as I have 5-10 global objects (animated gifs) for every class…like thumbs_up, like, high five, reward, and etc. Would (probably) be helpful to any manycam user who does webcam…like a dance/performance/plate spinning/chainsaw juggling, and/or whatever


yes, i like this idea.
i suggested something like this for sound effects but being able to acknowledge/reward students visually would be great.
or both…a high five and high five sound… a clapping hand and applause…

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It has clearly been a while since this was brought up, was any progress ever made?