Help Please with Chroma Key

Hi guys,

I bought ManyCam because I believe I don’t need a physical green screen to change my video background. I am a nomad so don’t have room to log a green screen around.

How can I change the background? I have looked at various tutorials but for some reasons my Chroma Key doesn’t play nice.

Can you help by pointing me to a video that walks me through?


Bumping in the hopes of getting help here

Hey @nika

Basically, ManyCam offers 3 background features:

  • Background blur
  • Remove/Replace the background without a green screen. See this guide
  • Chroma key - Remove/Replace background with a green screen. See this guide

Background blur and Remove/Replace are fully automatic. No additional actions are required, but you can adjust the amount of blur.

Chroma key **always requires a green background behind you, it has two modes:

  • automatic,
  • color picker (with or without color palette).

I’ve got a 2012 MBPr running Catalina 10.15.5. The the linked Chroma key guide mentions that you should turn on hardware acceleration. Metal acceleration if you have it, which mine does not. However, I checked the Open GL acceleration option and after that my Color Picker seemed to function properly - at least for the YUV option (I have a green screen)

Hey @vwbrady

Without the Metal hardware acceleration enabled, Virtual backgrounds will be limited to “Chroma key”, which requires a green screen. See more on how to set it up: