H.266(VVC) an excieting new video codec

In 2018, I was able to convert H.264(AVC) into the H.265(HEVC) they didn’t play in/with ManyCam. Many thanks to ManyCam’s support which IMHO is first rate.

The results of the conversion yielded a significant file size reduction without loss in quality wherein benefit is obvious namely bandwidth. For example, the H.264 file size was 143mb(19202x1080) with the conversion to H.265 file size became 43mb(640x480).

ManyCam utilizes the native codec in windows and by adding the LAV filters H.265 video formats were able to play in ManyCam.

Similarly, I believe that H.266 encoding and decoding will achieve the same effect namely that was found when H.264 ->H.265.

Below I was included the links for H.266 that may be of interest of member in this forum. As I don’t have the software to complie them and send to me to experiment
H.264 -> H.266.

Then I can see that ManyCam will benefit immensely particularly with education.

Here is a links for H.266

  1. Encoder

  2. Decoder