Group and un-group effects for easy access

I like the ability to temporarily put some of my object effects from various folders into one GROUP. For example, one student is reading a story this week and I need to teach only certain vocabulary words. Thank you for that. However, it is almost useless because I must display the entire group of objects together as one unit. I want to display each object in the group separately by using hide/show via the list of each object in the group. I would like to request you make it so I can optionally display the group objects individually and that I can show/hide each item one-by-one from the list of objects in that group.
This is an organizational problem caused by having many folders with many effects which I can’t access except by search/find on the fly which is giving me carpal tunnel :slight_smile:

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I agree. It would be great to group effects together and when opening it, they are all able to individually move, resize, or be hidden. I believe this was possible on the older version, but now with the new version 7 they are locked in place.

Hi @chellbell, @connie

Thank you for your suggestions. We’ll consider adding this.
Regarding the issue where all the effects are locked in place, this is a known issue, we’ll soon get to it.

Hello, Thank you for “unlocking” the items in a group. We can now move each one around and resize it. But we still need the list to accompany the group so we can easily hide/show each member of the group. Without the list, the functionality of a group is greatly reduced. I have been waiting for this for a long time and I’m not sure you know we need it! Thank you!