Green screen minimal size?

Could anyone please tell me if they have ever had a background which didn’t work because the surface was too small?
Thank you very much.

Hey @diana_dole

We haven’t had this issue yet, but there could possibly be some lighting/noise issues, do you happen to have a screenshot of the issue so I can look into it further for you?

If you’re looking for a new one, we’ve recommended “Web Around” green screens in the past as they have a great team behind them.

You don’t understand what I am asking about:
the question was
I want to know if there is a minimum size, below which the ManyCam app on my Mac won’t work
second query: when downloaded it was fine, functioning properly, then suddenly I lost everything and despite uninstalling & reinstalling the same frozen blank pages. DOES THIS MEAN THE PROGRAMME ONLY WORKS AS AN IPHONE / IPAD APP???
Please answer these specific questions, don’t bother if you just throw in a random response, as I’d need it for teaching asap. I’m not interested in random blah blah, but in killing problems and finding solutions.
Thank you.

Hey @diana_dole

No there is no minimum size, if it’s fits into the camera view, it would work.

For #2 I would need more information to begin helping you on this point, for example screenshots, steps to re-produce the issue, etc.