Green Screen - Chroma - for iOS?

I would like to know why there isn’t a green screen (chroma capability) for iOS?
I use my iPad for teaching online and the only effects I see for the iOS on the iPad are non-essential, unnecessary effects (filters) like Sepia or other weird picture effects. More vital to have the chroma and the face filters available. I am disappointed that this is not available on iOS. Kind of a waste to have a ManyCam iOS app if it basically does next to nothing.

Hey @Fred_Weigman

We do plan on adding Chroma Key to iOS in the future, but at the moment it’s not a very simple task. We do have a couple iOS updates coming and after that we will return to look at this.

The main function of ManyCam Mobile is for simple live streaming, but also it’s for people who do not have webcams. You can use your mobile phone as a webcam by using it as a video source on the desktop version of ManyCam.