Green image when captured in propresenter

I’ve just installed the free version of mancam and it is working perfectly in itself. I have been able to capture the image from my camera without any trouble. However, when I open my program “propresenter 6” from and I want to do live video settings and choose in the source ManyCam Virtual Webcam, the image is like covered by a green filter… How can I correct this ?
thank you for your help

Hi @Luc,

I think it is a good idea to contact developers of propresenter. Looks like this issue is not on manycam side.

thank you ieo for your reply… I’ve contacted them but they don’t know and don’t do support for this…

Is it because I’m using the free version of ManyCam ?

Hi @Luc,

No, it is not because you use the free version. I think it is a bug in propresenter. If image is not green in other apps like skype, then it’s definitely issue of that software.
For example on windows, Red-Green-Blue (RGB) color space is reversed in memory and stored as BGR, so it might look green if interpreted wrongly, see
I think you should send the info above to the developers of propresenter if image from manycam is shown correctly in another apps.

thank you for your help, I’ve seen with them and they don’t provide support for this. I’ll find another solution

@Luc did you find the solution? I am having the same green screen issue like yours. Renewed Vision offers no help.

@thierry unfortunatly not… if you find something, I’m really interested as I can’t find a way to sort this

@Luc thanks for letting me know. I will come back here if I find a solution

Ok I had same problem using windows 10 and pro presenter

I just reverted to and problem is gone.