Gotomeeting MacOS not showing ManyCam

I do not see ManyCam in the list of webCams for GotoMeeting on Mac OS.
I do see it in Skype and other MacOS apps.
I know Google Chrome has an issue on Mac with accessing ManyCam but is there a way to access it via GotoMeeting?

Update: While this would not work on my Macbook Pro (which I use for work) running Mojave 10.14.6, it did work on my Mac Pro running High Sierra 10.13.6. I am wondering if the issue might be the OS version, hardware or third party security software restricting WebCam access via GotoMeeting.

Hi @bpowell291,

It is the same issue as with Chrome. GoToMeeting developers turned on hardened runtime (appeared in 10.14 or so) to their app and this prevents it from showing ManyCam.
As a workaround you may try to use older version of GoToMeeting, something released 1 year ago or so.
You may also try to contact GoToMeeting support/developers and and ask to add “Disable Library Validation Entitlement” to their app (more info:

Hi @bpowell291,

I’ve contacted the GoToMeeting team regarding this issue. Hopefully they’ll consider the proposed changes.

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Thanks @Mikhail.
Since it works fine with the latest GTM on a Mac running the older OS 10.13 they might not have a choice given a lot of enterprises run GTM.
WebEx works fine with ManyCam but the fact that Google Chrome and GTM are not allowing ManyCam to appear is a concern. For Mac users there not a lot of options using a solution like ManyCam.

Thanks @bpowell291,

Fair enough. I think both GoToMeeting and Chrome will resolve these issues eventually since this has affected not only ManyCam, but all other virtual webcam software as well.