Global hot keys don't work

I have hot keys on “set all to global.” However, I cannot USE the hot keys unless I am actually IN the ManyCam window. My understanding was that setting it to global allows me to use the hot keys from anywhere on the computer, that I do NOT have to be inside the ManyCam window to use the hot keys. So what have I done wrong? How do I fix this? It’s a real pain to have to go into the window to change between my preset screens. Thank you.

Hi @Robin_Kabrich,

Hmm, works for me. Are you able to post a screenshot of the Hotkeys tab?

Sorry, been forever coming back here - can’t get the WHOLE hotkeys screen, but I’ve got NOTHING set beyond the first two. I really need to be able to use these hotkeys, the way it is now is really getting in my way. Hope you see something. I can do the rest of them if you need them, but it will be 5 or 6 shots. Can’t seem to make the hotkeys tab any larger so I can get more into one screen shot.

Hi @Robin_Kabrich,

Try to switch off then on Global checkbox so it reinstalls hotkeys in the system, maybe another application has reassigned Alt+[1…] and Ctrl+[1…]. You may also try to set another combination.

BTW is it Windows or macOS?

Windows 10 - I don’t understand what you mean. Switch what off ??

Turn off then on “Set all to Global”. Hotkeys are registered in Windows when you turn Global on, maybe it will help.

Yeah, I’ve done that many times. I just discovered that ManyCam doesn’t like my keypad numbers, but when I use the numbers over the keyboard, it works. Go figure. Thanks for your efforts to help!