Get Reminder and Start FB Live with FB Page not Profile

I have some questions. I used manycam for a FB live before. This time, this is what I want to do but I’m not sure how to do so:

  1. I believe when you SCHEDULE a FB Live through FB, people can see it in advance in the group? and also click on “GET REMINDER”.

But when I do it through manycam, people only see the FB live when I start it.

Is there a way to schedule and the let that scheduled FB live be connected to manycam when it goes live? This way, people can still click “GET REMINDER”

  1. When I started my fb live in my “closed group”, it was started by my FB profile. However, I want it to be started by my FB Page, not my FB Profile. Is that possible? If so, how can I do so?


Hey @Jonathanj,

Thank you for joining the community.

  1. Scheduled events cannot be created in ManyCam. If you want this feature added in ManyCam, consider posting a feature request.
    Here’s an article explaining the state of things, but relative to YouTube scheduled events. Basically, with Facebook it’s similar.
  2. Re-login to Facebook both in the ManyCam app and in the browser.
    Then go to Facebook -> Settings -> Apps and delete ManyCam.
    Then follow the instructions provided in this article. Make sure you have administrator rights in this group.