Full Screen Broadcast not working

Hi all
My Full Screen Broadcast Window has stopped working. I get the “Start Manycam” notice even though I used the Manycam interface to open the Full Screen Broadcast window. I have restarted the computer.

See screen snip attached

Full Screen Not Working


Please complete the following steps to clean up old versions and drivers:

  1. Close ManyCam using Exit item from the main menu, uninstall it and reboot your machine.
  2. Download, unpack and “Run as Administrator” Driver Store Explorer (Rapr.exe from the zip archive with the version number):
  3. Click on Refresh; wait until the scanning is finished.
  4. Select all drivers with ManyCam or Visicom in its name or in the pkg provider name
  5. Check “Force Deletion” and click on “Delete Package”
  6. Reboot the computer again and proceed with the new installation. Here’s the direct link to the latest version: