Fujifilm Webcam

Fujifilm has released software so you can use your camera as a webcam on a mac
It is currently not showing up as a camera in ManyCam
(but it does for Zoom, Skype & Google Meet)
Any plans to make this available?

Note: looks like the other apps have requested mac permissions to “removable volumes”, but ManyCam has not.

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Same problem. I tried granting Full Disk Access to ManyCam, but still it does not find my Fujifilm webcam. Now that Fujifilm has released the webcam software, I’d like to use it with ManyCam. Any update on this request?

Hey @alanan @Uhnnohn

We have released a new version of ManyCam that contains a fix to this issue, please download it here: https://manycam.com/download/

Please let me know if the issue still persists.

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Hey @Mikhail,

The new version finds the Fujifilm webcam, and it seems to work just fine. But ManyCam did not alert me on new updates, although I had configured the option in Settings. It even showed a message “up to date”. I think you should check that. Thanks.


SameScreen Shot 2020-08-16 at 9.34.25 AM for me - not being informed of an update?

The new version works fine, except it crashes every time I quit the application. :frowning:
Using MacOS 10.15.5

Hey @alanan

Can you try this troubleshooting? https://help.manycam.com/knowledge-base/macos-crash/