Fixed focus in app

Autofocus is often great, but does not work well in low light conditions, or when a lot of movement is going on. It would be great if one could choose between auto focus or fixed manual focus in the many am app. Many competitors like the iriun web cam app already have this.

I really don’t recommend using ManyCam to control your camera for anything.
I’m using Logitech cameras and so I’m using the Logitech Capture software.
Much better control over the cameras. Running the same cameras straight through ManyCam, it’s impossible to get accurate colors or lighting. It’s pretty weak in that department. So I always run the camera through Logitech capture first and then boot ManyCam.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. What I meant was an improvement of the manycam android (or ios) app. I like to use my phone as a camera (in addition tot a DSLR and logitech camera), but the fact that autofocus cannot be turned off in the android app makes the app not suitable and I have to resort to other Android applications. So, my suggestion to Manycam is: give Android manycam app user the option of turning off autofocus.