Feature Request: Copy Presets

This is probably the #1 feature I would use all the time! The ability to copy presets would be so valuable. Here’s the scenario: You setup your perfect preset with sources, you’ve adjusted the focus and color balance, maybe some on screen text, etc. You want exactly the same layout but you want to change sources or remove a source quickly. Since there are not hot keys connected to those functions, The best way to do that would be to cut to an identical source with only the things you want changed. The problem is there is no way to create a source that is 100% identical to the one you just created. It would be great if there was a button on the presets panel for each preset (or in the preview drop-down menu) to duplicate the preset. This would be very useful and save a lot of time.


Hi, thanks for your suggestion. We’ll consider this for future updates.

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Seconded, Rob Kruss.
I would also find a “duplicate this preset” feature very useful.

I am also currently looking for this feature. Can we pelase have an update as to whether Manycam intends to address this problem?
I have a background image and a text overlay and a source window on my preset that I want to duplicate so that the cut from camera source to camera source is seemless and only that part of the feed changes. And I can try, but the text and source objects are never 100% exactly in the same place. Even if they’re off by just a pixel or 2, it shows in the cuts.
A way to duplicate presets, or save a preset template would accomplish this very easily.

Yes, please add this feature asap. It’s available in most other camera suites including OBS (which is free).